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People principle
Voice of Solus

Join one of the UK’s premier accident repair groups

Solus is one of the UK’s largest and most esteemed accident repair centres, employing hundreds of people across our UK-wide sites.
We get up every morning to deliver a great customer experience, not solely to repair cars, but to help get our customers back to normal.
We are rated number one for customer satisfaction and our people are key to our continued success, so we seek to work with the most talented individuals in the industry and are constantly working to improve our colleague experience.


We believe a good apprenticeship is more than just a route into work and we regard our apprentices as essential to our talent pipeline.
Every September, we bring new apprentices into our business to work on NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET), Panel and Paint and we believe we provide unrivalled support to our apprentices to ensure they are the best in the industry.

“I feel well supported in my role both by my colleagues and my leader. The way that Solus has delivered on looking after colleagues during the past few months reinforces the feeling that I would like to continue working here long term for a company that values its people and delivers on promises. Two years on, I’m still proud to work for Solus!

Solus Colleague – 2022


Solus is part of the Aviva Group and as well as the fantastic range of benefits that brings, our open and inclusive culture means our people are inspired to do more and encouraged to challenge the way we do things.

We invest heavily in developing our teams to provide ourselves with the right skills, tools and knowledge to enable everyone to reach their potential. Examples of this training include New Technology, Vehicle Manufacture, Leadership Skills, Coaching and even more, leading to NVQ and IMI Accreditations

Solus People principle

At Solus we believe our people are the key to our success. To highlight this, last year we launched our People Principle. We’re proud to say…

‘We create an environment where we engage, develop and empower our people as they are our greatest asset’

Voice of our people

Meet Paula Murray, Customer Service Lead from Bolton. Paula gives some insight into her role, from the viewpoint of joining Solus from outside the industry.

What do you think are the benefits are of being from outside the industry?

As I joined Solus with no preconceptions of how the bodyshop industry works I really embraced the opportunity to spend time learning the core principles of the business and how this shapes our customer journey.

My previous experience of delivering “things on pallets” has given me a good grounding in what customers want, but I have really enjoyed the challenge of transferring this to getting our customers back to normal and back on the road.  I have taken the approach that a fresh pair of eyes gives a great opportunity to question “why and how” things are done and bring new suggestions to the business on how we can ensure our customers receive great customer service. 

When you transfer between similar industries it is easy to take ingrained ideas along with you, I hope that my experience outside of the industry has allowed me to bring some new ideas and perspectives on how we can make our customers happy and provide them with the best service possible

What have been your greatest challenges and how have you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge when you move into a new industry is always learning the jargon!  My Solus colleagues have been fantastic with explanations of ADAS, LIDAR and all sorts of other acronyms, along with displaying infinite patience when I’ve been asking about repair techniques, paint matching and how repair estimates are put together. 

I always like to understand as much as possible as that sets you up for speaking to customers and giving a basic explanation when on the phone.  The help and time which people have generously given to help me understand the repair process from start to finish has been invaluable to me and has really helped me to settle in to the industry.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of joining Solus from outside the industry?

I would advise people to jump at a chance to join Solus!  Every Solus employee has been fantastic and always happy to help and support where needed, which has made it a far easier transition to a new role, a new company and a new industry than I have ever experienced before in my career.  The benefits are great, the work/life balance is fantastic and the people make it a real joy to come to work everyday.